Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Memebox Luckybox #1 RESTOCKED [First Impressions]

Hey Beauty Lovers!

It's been awhile since I last posted on here. I've been so busy with uni work that I haven't had the chance to go out and explore the beauty world for new products.

However, I recently discovered a beauty box company called Memebox! (while procrastinating one night....) The boxes are known to be jammed packed with Korean beauty products for you to try from a variety of brands - well known and the in between!

I was pretty much sold at 'Korean beauty products'...

There are a variety of boxes to choose from such as:
1. Memebox - packed with 4-8 full sized products and deluxe samples from Korea!
2. Superbox - packed with full sized products catering to specific needs 
3. Luckybox - packed with the most popular items from previous sold-out Memboxes! This box is what I will be reviewing today :)

The box I purchased is the Luckybox #1 RESTOCKED - so pretty much the original one ran out so they restocked it! (YAY)

Ok here are the pictures for your viewing pleasure:

The packaging was cool! They bubble-wrapped the box inside! 

Even though the box was bubble-wrapped it still was dented...however none of the products were damaged!

I pretty much bought the box because of the 'gel mist' and I am so GLAD that they included it in this restocked box as I am aware that another version of this box did NOT include it!

Jammed packed with goodness! :)

As you can see the box is filled to the brim with products! I have yet to try them out but so far so good! 

The box costed me: 27.99 USD including shipping - after all coupons and vouchers were used :) - Great price if you ask me, considering all the products involved! You can refer to the attached photo cards for reference on prices and size of the individual products.

Unfortunately Memebox only ships to: US, Canada and Japan from March 31st 2014..so those of you that are located elsewhere (like MEEEE) will just have to be patient until they resume full international shipping!

However I do have another box coming my way in the coming weeks, which is the Memebox: The Masked Edition # 2 - so I will be giving my first impressions on that!

Have you guys tried out Memebox? If so do let me know which ones and how you are finding it! I would love to know! :)

Till next time!

xoxo J

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